Unemployment Doesn’t Take a Holiday…. So You Shouldn’t Either

Express Employment Professionals Expert Offers Tips to Turn a Holiday Job into a Permanent Position

Howell, New Jersey, December 2015 – The holiday season is a busy time for everyone, and many businesses have hired additional employees to help with the extra workload. For those who want their jobs to last past January 1st, there are some strategies to make that happen.

Anna Santucci-Braun, the owner and general manager of the new Express Employment Professional at Howell Plaza Shopping Center, uses her extensive network of local, national and international resources and know-how when matching people with companies – taking into consideration the prospective employee’s goals, interests, priorities and skills. Below, she offers tips on how to transform seasonal work into year-round career path opportunities.

“In many ways, a seasonal position is like an extended job interview – your goal is to shine,” states Mrs. Santucci-Braun. She continues, “Managers are watching their seasonal workers closely to see which employees would be great working at a full-time position.”

Tips: Turning a Holiday Job into a Permanent Position

Work like you’re a regular.
The more you think of yourself as a permanent employee, the more your employer will as well. As a temporary worker, your quality of work should always be as good as or better than any core employee. If you want to turn your temporary position into a permanent one, make sure your work is consistent, timely and done right.

Go above and beyond.
A great way to impress your boss and stand out from the crowd is by showing up to work at least ten minutes early. If you finish your work, ask for more. Be sure you demonstrate your dedication and outstanding work ethic.

Dress to impress.
A well-dressed employee can catch the eye of all the right people – especially if your dressing on par with your supervisor or her boss. It’s beyond honoring your work’s dress code, it’s showing decision makers that you value the workplace culture.

Be personable.
How you behave will impact your chances at landing a full-time job. Approach every project with an optimistic outlook and prove that you can be a valuable addition. Employers appreciate employees who are positive, have high morale and get along with their supervisors and co-workers. But, remember to socialize with others only when it’s appropriate.

Share your wish for permanent work.
Let your employer know that you’re enjoying what you’re doing and would like to transition into full-time employment. You are your own best advocate!

“Now and throughout the year, we have many open ‘evaluation hire’ positions,’” says Mrs. Santucci-Braun. “Due to our reputation for finding people with the right mix of skills, attitude and professionalism, our client companies ask us to provide employees for a trial period. This means that the companies can concentrate on their services and products instead of searching through a mass of resumes, conducting interviews and hoping for a good match. By working through us, prospective employees will have an opportunity to show their best while receiving guidance to transition temporary positions into permanent employment. Additionally, we never charge employees any fees for job placements!”

Express Employment Professionals is on a mission to put people to work in Monmouth and Ocean Counties and help clients find good people. Express provides a full range of employment solutions that include full-time, temporary, and part-time employment in a wide range of positions, including professional, commercial and administrative. We’re here to support you.

For more information – whether you’re seeking a job or offering one, please call Express Employment Professionals, and ask to speak with Anna or Kim at (732) 80MYJOB or visit https://www.expresspros.com/howellnj. Express Employment Professionals is located in Howell Plaza Shopping Center, at 4142 Route 9 in Howell, New Jersey.

Anna Santucci-Braun is the owner and general manager of Express Employment Professionals. Fluent in Russian and English, Anna has lived in Ocean County for over 19 years. She has worked in the corporate world for two decades and has a passion to help people get the best jobs and assist them in shining at those positions. Senior Staffing Consultant Kimberly Vargas, fluent in Spanish and English, resides in Howell Township for the past five years and in New Jersey for more than 20 years. Together, they are committed to every person’s success and serve as a partner and coach to accomplish those financial and career goals.

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