Looking for cell phone repair?music lessons?a winning ticket?virtual reality gaming?wine from Italy?pool supplies?heating and cooling repairs?Chinese dumplings?a relaxing mani/pedi?delicious pizza?a new job?sports memorabilia?a great haircut?postage stamps?physical therapy?warm bagels?tax guidance?insurance?the perfect gift wrapping?a new refrigerator?dance moves?pretzels with mustard?urgent care?help cleaning laundry?beauty supplies?
Visit Howell Plaza Shopping Center.

We hope this message finds your family and you in good health.

We’re Open! (here’s a list)

Free Summer Job Fest 2020
Friday, June 17th, 9:30am – 12:30pm
Look for the tent, enjoy a free bottle of Snapple and
speak with experts to land a job!
Entry level jobs available in Monmouth and Ocean Counties
(Bring I-9 identification and a list of references)

Can’t make it?
Call us at (732) 806-9562 or email Jobs.HowellNJ@ExpressPros.com

There is absolutely no charge to you and the opportunity to start right away!

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We salute those who have and continue to help others – neighbors, strangers, customers and loved ones alike. In the midst of this global pandemic, each of us is affected. We certainly appreciate how difficult these times are and how easy it is to lose patience, but we know that together we can help one another and make it. And, please, always wear a mask in public to prevent spread of the virus.

Throughout this trying time, essential workers at Howell Plaza Shopping Center have continued to serve the public through COVID-19 testing, free disinfecting of cell phones, physical rehabilitation, curbside meals, laundry assistance and more. We thank these businesses and their staff for their dedication, bravery and efforts.