Looking for an Unexpected Type of Fitness Training?

When entering the private world of one-on-one fitness training at And Fitness for All, be prepared for a workout that combines the ordinary with the unexpected.

Former Marine and personal trainer Cory LeClair is the owner and pivotal presence in this recently opened fitness center. “My concept is simple: flexible sessions within a dynamic and exciting space.”

He explains, “Creating new habits, like exercising regularly, takes effort. I want to add a sense of fun and discovery to encourage my clients to make incremental changes. I’m not the guy who stands there with a clipboard, checking off each rep.”

His approach is personalized to his clients’ interests, abilities and goals and incorporates elements from cardio, strength training, cardio kick boxing, boxing, boot camp, CrossFit and aerobics. In addition to a treadmill, stepper, elliptical and bike, there’s even turf for the weighted sled, heavy bags for workouts, pad training and more.

Starting off slowly, with Covid-19 precautions foremost in mind, Cory is offering 30-minute one-on-one workouts…one client in the room at a time. Soon, he anticipates, those sessions will be expanded to an hour. Down the road, small classes, group training and yoga classes will be introduced for both men and women — held separately in respect to clients who are Orthodox.

This is my passion; I love getting the most out of someone and seeing that person transform,” Cory states. “Healthy eating habits, breathing techniques, the right amount of sleep and keeping hydrated are also crucial to overall well-being. Not all clients are ready to create those lifestyle changes, and that’s fine. My clients come in all shapes, sizes and ages and are from all walks of life. I meet them at the level at which they are most comfortable.”

Born in Rochester, NY, and living in Jackson, Cory is as much of a task master on himself as he is with his clients. He is working two jobs, in addition to opening And Fitness for All, and is the father of two young children, from a previous marriage, for whom he is the primary educator. This September, Cory married his love, Michelle (who is now helping out with the business) and signed the contract while they were on honeymoon. Within one month, despite construction and equipment challenges, the fitness center opened.

And Fitness for All opened to significant word-of-mouth demand, especially for those seeking healthy ways to counter what 2020 has wrought and before the holidays begin.

For more information, contact Cory at cory.affa@gmail.com or (732) 664-5536.