Countering At-Home Isolation… Code Ninja Opens in Time for Cold Weather At Kid-Centered Howell Plaza

While it’s essential right now, remote learning is leaving many children struggling with loneliness…not to mention the stress levels of parents.

Code Ninjas, opened on Halloween, is a safe haven where children ages 7-14 are learning how to code by building their own video games in a fun, safe and inspiring environment. With a nine-belt curriculum inspired by martial arts, Code Ninjas keeps kids excited and engaged while parents see their children gain life-changing STEM skills.

Learning to code in a destination setting (read = “out of home”), designed with COVID-19 protocols in mind, is a great way for kids to make friends. Sessions are structured, participants are limited, and progression is acknowledged and celebrated. The Code Ninjas storefront, or Dojo, is a parent-free zone. This empowers youth to make friends and work together while helping to build confidence and independence in their own learning. When someone progresses, color wristbands are awarded in “belt-up” ceremonies in which the whole Dojo takes part. The emphasis is on inclusion and collaboration.

During this soft-opening period, owner Rodelio Torres is relying on word-of-mouth advertising and is employing a safe and cautious approach. He is limiting participation to four or five kids at a time for 60 minutes, twice a week. Typically, there would be up to 30 participants. The sensei, Autumn, who works at CtrlV on weekends, guides the youth as they progress through the belt levels. By the time they attain a black belt, the kids will be able to make a quality game that could potentially be submitted to and accepted by iPhone and androids.

Software designing is a passion for Rodelio (his wife is also a programmer!) who has been a programmer and electronics engineer for over 20 years, most recently for an international French bank.

He recalls, “When I heard about teaching kids to learn coding through video games, it threw me back to my own childhood. I taught myself by reading computer magazines – I paid for each issue after carefully saving up money; they were dog-eared when I was finally done. Learning through video games would have been a blast!

Howell Plaza is the right place for Rodelio and Code Ninjas. “When I was considering locations, I visited Howell and watched as parents would bring their kids to the dance studio, Ctrl V and the music studio – truly a kids corner. Howell offers a vibrant potential. Parents waiting for kids could go have a bagel; if a sibling doesn’t want to dance, s/he could learn coding. Chinese food and pizza are just a few stores away.

Visit Code Ninjas at or call 732-595-CODE (2633)

Become a Code Ninjas Founding Family

Founding Family members at Code Ninjas receive great rewards. Benefits include:

* a discounted lifetime locked-in rate
* 2 1-hour drop-in sessions each week
* 1 free parents night out voucher and lifetime discounts on birthday parties, summer camp and for sibling enrollment
* a Code Ninjas T-shirt
* an Edible Arrangements box of dipped strawberries
* a $25 Gift Card from CtrlV Arcade

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