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The First Ever Howell Plaza Shopping Center
Nonprofit Puppy Pop-Up

Shopping Center Is Providing Free Space to Home Free Animal Rescue after Learning about Abundance of Shelter Puppies

Howell, NJ December 11, 2014 – During its first three weeks, 14 out of 16 puppies have been adopted in the first ever nonprofit Puppy Pop-Up at Howell Plaza Shopping Center, which provided the storefront space free for the holidays. Home Free Animal Rescue was the nonprofit winner of the space. On Saturday, December 13th, a brand new group of rescue puppies will arrive via transport from Greenville South Carolina. The cargo van, filled from floor to ceiling and front to back with dogs and cats in (separate) crates, will make its New Jersey stop at Howell Plaza Shopping Center, located on Route 9 at Aldrich Road in Howell, NJ.

The pop-up Home Free Animal Rescue will be welcoming at least 10 animals, including 4 puppies, some full grown dogs and even some kittens. The Animal Rescue Transport will then bring the remaining prospective adoptees to other rescues in New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

According to Home Free Animal Rescue Founder and President Jen McFadden, “When the transport van doors open, there’s loads of barking and lots of animals. While some observers may feel sad – it’s actually one of the best moments! These are the animals that were saved.”

Jen explains that for puppies, this is a really hard time of the year. “There are so many more animals than the number of prospective adopters visiting shelters. Sadly, many puppies are euthanized. I am so grateful for this generous storefront opportunity; the puppies’ new-found visibility is making a huge difference on how fast they are being adopted”

In October, the shopping center’s management team sought a creative way to give back to the community by identifying a worthy nonprofit that could utilize available holiday retail space to further its mission. With an abundance of rescue puppies needing loving adoptive caregivers, Home Free Animal Rescue was selected.

Howell Plaza Shopping Center developer Leonard Solondz. “We were particularly impressed with Home Free Animal Rescue and their passion to make the adoption process easy, affordable and fun. They’ve done an outstanding job with the storefront, creating a living room environment conducive for prospective adopters to get acquainted with the puppies.”

The Redbank, N.J., not-for-profit organization with its team of over 230 volunteer “elves” transformed the empty Howell Plaza storefront into an animal-friendly setting with 4- to 8-week-old puppies angling for adoption.. For the benefits of adopters and adoptees alike, each puppy will be kept by the nonprofit until it is at least eight-weeks old to ensure proper socialization, and each prospective adopter will be carefully screened. All puppies have been vaccinated, spayed or neutered and have a microchip locator.