Sweet Performing Arts Center Opens At Howell Plaza Shopping Center

Emerging musicians can now rock out at the brand new state-of-the art Sweet Performing Arts Center, a 1,600-square foot facility adjacent to Sweet Music Academy. In addition to private lessons, new and existing Academy students can participate in workshops, perform on stage and live their dream in front of an enthusiastic live audience.

The all-star selection of group workshops ranges from Musical Theatre, Acting and Songwriting to Rock, Jazz, String Ensemble, Woodwind, Brass & Percussion Concert Band and Beginner Guitar Classes. Each workshop runs for six weeks, culminating in a performance.

For parents and their young children, a brand-new workshop has been added. The Music Together program was developed by a Princeton University professor to incorporate music into the lives of infants, toddlers and preschoolers in a meaningful way.

“All of the workshops are creative, fun and engaging. Each student has the chance to shine individually and within a group in a welcoming space,” says Jay Sweet, owner of both Sweet Music Academy and Sweet Performing Arts Center.

Tailored to the requests of students and parents, along with creative input from instructors, workshops are designed to motivate participants to attend each session, practice in between and work hard to improve their skills. For instance, the Rock Workshop provides participants of all ages with the ultimate rock band experience. During the six-week workshop and under the guidance of a professional musician/instructor, students create and participate in a cohesive band, choose its name, build a song repertoire, rehearse the material and develop a stage presence.

Some workshops require an audition or that students have a minimum of two years’ experience on their chosen instrument.

Sweet Performing Arts Center instructors have college degrees as well as formal training in music and professional performance experience. Many of them have worked with well-known musicians, producers, recording artists and composers.

Prior to the opening of the Sweet Performing Arts Center, Jay would work hard to find suitable performance venues. With a relief-tinged voice, Jay shares, “I’m just so happy that my private lesson recitals and workshop performances will now have a permanent home. No more church auditoriums or community halls!

Jay, who grew up in Howell, N.J., always knew music would play a role in his life. He received his BA from Berklee College of Music in Boston and studied performance and composition with some of the finest instructors in the world. He continued his education by attending Rutgers University where he received his Master’s degree in Jazz History and where he later taught. In addition to his private lessons to countless students of various age levels and skills, Jay teaches Jazz History, Music Appreciation and Bass Lessons at Monmouth University.

Jay believes, “An encouraged student is a successful student.” Since its opening, Sweet Music Academy has taught over 3,000 students and continues to grow.

To learn more, visit http://www.sweetmusicacademy.com or call Jay Sweet at (732) 905-9095.