King of Bagels Is Brand New!

Something’s really different when you walk into King of Bagels. The bagels have moved, more flavors have been added, the new décor (and more is coming) is warm and welcoming, sandwiches are stuffed with even more meat, the hours are longer (6am-3pm), and there’s a new guy helping customers.

Fady Malaty bought King of Bagels from Sam Haddad mid-summer. Immediately he upgraded the air-conditioning and added new lighting and a new counter. Furniture and food items were relocated to improve the customer experience. Fady is also carefully reviewing the menu, trying out new sandwiches and products and encouraging folks to share their opinions and preferences. For continuity, Jerry is still making those fantastic bagels and has now expanded to baking artisanal breads.

With loads of ideas up his sleeve, including inventing new sandwiches and introducing a special lunch deal soon, now’s the time to stop by, chat with him and share your own ideas. Who knows, perhaps a sandwich will debut with in your honor!