In Person, Remote and Virtual Music Lessons

It’s summer weather time – get outside! Port your instrument anywhere you can carry it and access the internet to take a virtual music lesson. While you can also be taught in person, for many, the convenience of anytime anywhere may just be the way to go. Regardless of in-person or remote, you’ll still receive the quality professional instruction for which Sweet Music Academy is known.

Advantages of Remote Virtual Lessons

Learn from university top-trained professionals
Learn from the comfort of your home or outside
Schedule lessons based around your availability
Receive written assignments and evaluations
Record and archive lessons directly from your screen

In addition to the Academy’s staff of university top-trained professionals, we feature adjunct music instructors who are at the top of their respective instruments and/or fields. Whether they’re full time gigging musicians, performers on Broadway, professional recording artists or have notable musical achievements, their experience and expertise are unparalleled. This provides students with unique learning experiences never previously possible due to physical distance or available time.

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