Finding Jobs within a Day for Unemployed, Laid off & Furloughed

We’re moving fast to find people for jobs at local medical device manufacturers and distribution centers of all types to stock shelves and the like. Unless the job is for a skilled laborer, it’s possible for qualified individuals to apply one day and land a job the next,” says Anna Santucci, owner of Express Employment Professional at Howell Plaza Shopping Center.

There are more jobs than applicants since many people cannot or are unwilling to leave the sanctuary of their homes.

Those who provide essential services so the rest of us can thrive are heroes. They put their wellbeing on the line for the benefit of others,” says Anna. She adds, “The world is changing but we must hold onto our sanity. Right now, my team and I are laser focused on putting money in people’s pockets and food on the table, one person at a time.

While the office is closed to visitors, interviews are conducted virtually. Express Employment Professionals is available by phone: 8am – 5pm M-Th; 8am – 4pm F. Please call: (732) 806-9562.